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Jet Ski Fishing Mob

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Jet Ski Fishing attachment

Bar Buster 

The Bar Buster jet ski fishing pods has a few unique characteristics and by far the best attachment for stand-up fishing. If you like fishing with plastics or just like standing up when fighting the big one then this attachment is for you.  
Jet Ski Fishing attachment

Jet Ski Fishing Racks

Jet Ski Fishing attachment

Marlin Chaser

The Marlin chaser jet ski fishing pods comes with stainless rod holders and foam filled back pod. Two open jerry can holders and icebox storage space with tie down. The Marlin chaser has a low profile back pod to allow easy cases from behind.  

The Jet Ski Fishing Mob provides you with an option of three equipment racks, Small, Medium and Large.
All equipment racks have been made from marine grade 316 stainless steel, and have been designed to fit all the major types of three seater jet skis; including Yamaha, SeaDoo and Kawasaki and have a front to rear slope of 20⁰ to compensate for the slope of the jet ski duckboard.
Jet Ski Fishing attachment

Jet Ski Fishing Blog

 Jet Ski fishing attachments that works!

Jet Ski Fishing Pods, Jet Ski Fishing Tubbies, Jet Ski Esky holders, Jet Ski fishing attachments, Jet Ski Rod Holders, Jet Ski Jerry can holders. If you need attachments for your for your Yamaha Jet Ski, Seadoo Jet Ski, Kawasaki Jet Ski then we got you covered. A lot of blokes reckon by just chucking an esky with plastic rod holders on the back of a jet ski does the job, We take pride in designing and testing fishing gear that works in the best and worst conditions. The day you get caught out wide with 50-knot winds and 5 meters swell coming from every direction, that's the day you will be happy you chose the gear that's been designed and tested to withstand the worst conditions and bring you back safe!
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Jet Ski Fishing Pods

Our Jet Ski fishing pods have been designed to improve your jet ski's stability, increase storage and maximise buoyancy. No modifications to your Jet Ski, no need to drill holes and no Engineering certificate needed to fit them to your jet ski.
JFM Jet Ski fishing pods have been designed over 3 years with the help of all our customers sending us valuable feedback and recommendations. Intensive research and development from our team gave us the chance to produce the best Pods on the market today.