Bar Buster Pods

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Our Bar Buster Pods were designed to maximize your jet ski fishing adventures. From the position of your rod holder to where you like your jerry can holders. You choose and fit them without drilling holes or plugging old holes. ​
Do you need navigation lights? or just want to fit crab pods on the back bar, we got you covered!
We understand that not everyone wants to head 170km offshore, but when the need arises to increase your fuel caring capacity then we got you covered. Our jerry can holders can fit 10L or 20L jerry cans and can be removed in seconds.
All the attachments are locked into place with railblaza unique attachment mounting brackets. 
We included railblaza attachments into our pods, they have a wide range of attachments available that can de retro fitted to our pods.
We also do custom attachment, if you have a attachment you want to fit let us know, We will be more than happy to manufacture a custom holding bracket for you.
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Bar Buster Jet Ski Fishing Pods
Stainless Steel Back Bar
The 316 Stainless steel back bar supports the pods structurally and allows us to fit the pods to most jet skis without modifying the jet ski in any way. No need to drill holes in to the jet ski. We have one holding down bracket that fits to the bottom of the pods and under the gunnel. The bracket clamps the pods to the footwell.
The Back Bar also allows us to fit a multitude of attachments to the pods.

Water tight lids
Each pod comes with one large lid and covers the full length of the pod this helps with easy access. The pod  has a double step up with a heavy duty rubber seal, the lids push down onto the seal and makes it water tight under normal conditions.
The lids comes with three stainless hinges fitted with bolt and nylock nuts. The two latches are custom build as we needed the latches to open with ease with one hand.
The new Bar Buster jet ski fishing pods comes with unique characteristics and by far the best jet ski fishing attachment on the market today. We have combined and included a heap of different attachments and designed our pods to maximize your jet ski fishing experience.
Manufactured from light weight reinforced fiberglass. We have them available in Black, White and Blue. Colours can be mixed aswell, like a black bottom white top with black lids.
Jerry Can Holders
Our jerry can holders comes standard with three mounting brackets and rail mounts. They can be fitted antwhere on the back rail Manufactured from 316 stainlees and can hold 10 or 20L jerry cans.
Bait Board
The Fillet Table II is a table top station that can serve all your fish filleting and bait cutting needs. The rigid, injection moulded quality provides a sturdy and long lasting board that will function well for both you and your catch.
Rod Holders
The Rod Holder II is robust, versatile, and value for money, it will hold your rod, you choose which position.
Rotating collar helps reduce ‘strike-theft’
Rear gimble lock reduces rod rotation for compatible rods; lift to slide rods through
Fully adjustable 360° around, over 90° vertical
Easy access to reel when in position
Square-tooth adjustable tilt stops rotational slipping.
Cleat Point
Two applications in one.
It’s a simple idea, but very effective. Now your cleat can hold your fishing rod, mobile phone, drink, navlight, or anything else that a RAILBLAZA accessory can hold.
The cleat gives you a tie off point for stern lines and bow lines on your jet ski. The StarPort gives the extra functionality of adding any RAILBLAZA accessory.

Tackle/ Knife Holder
What do pliers, keys, fishing lures, cellphones, VHFs, binoculars, drink bottles, sunblock and mugs all have in common? The RAILBLAZA StowPod Storage Caddy will hold them all safe and secure.
Cup Hoder
The CupClam drink holder can be mounted in either horizontally or vertically-mounted StarPorts, to hold mugs, stubbies, wine glasses, even wine bottles. The extendable fingers hold the taller items in place, yet everything collapses into a convenient flatpack for storage.
Speargun/ Gaff Holder
Bait Box/ Live Bait Tank
The bait box/ Live bait tank holder fits to the back bar with rail mounts and can be positioned anywhere on the back bar. Constructed out of 316 Stainless steel and can manufactured to custom sizes.  
The RAILBLAZA G-Hold range holds varying sizes of poles, tools and bundles, like fishing rods, shovels, boathooks, grubbers, electric fence standards, oars, paddles, spearguns, you get the idea.
Three diameters to choose from – 35, 50 or 75 mm (1.3, 2 or 3 in).
They install in any RAILBLAZA StarPort.
The flexible quick-release strap has two securing points for minimum and maximum diameters, providing strong retention.

Colour Chart
We stock White and black sets.  Custom colours are avialeble and have a short waiting period as sections is custom made.

Bar Buster Pods can be fitted to the following jet skis.

FX&VX HO 2008-2011 with insertion rubber
FXHO2012- onwards
VXHO 2012- onwards 

GTI Hull, S3 Hull, T3 Hull
All seadoo hull designs comes with a insertion rubber for fitment.